Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My Sister, Marcia Webel from Florida, came for a three week visit this summer and we did a lot of visiting. Our first trip was to Iowa to visit my 90 year old Aunt and cousins.

My cousin Sally cooked a delicious dinner of Beef Stroganoff. She is not only a great cook but takes great care with details. Look at how pretty the table is with everything in pink! Even the dessert -- pink cupcakes with pink sherbert added later! We felt so honored.

Barb, Hannah, Sally, Marcia and Aunt Gladys

Here is Sally's daughter Peach and her daughter Hannah. Peach and her husband, John opened their home the next day for a picnic.

Marcia and Aunt Gladys sharing a memory!

While at my Aunt Gladys' home, I took pictures with my camera of these lovely pictures she had. This is her husband, my Uncle Bob, who used to catch us as we jumped from the barn loft in Franksville!

This is Rev and Mrs Bateman, the pastor who led my Mom and Dad and My Aunt Gladys and Uncle Bob to the Lord. He has a big spot in their hearts and they are forever grateful not only for his part in their salvation but also for his deep teaching of God's Word to them! They spoke of him a lot.

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Gladys in younger days! (however, she doesn't look much older now!)

Me and Marcia by Church sign

Me and Marcia by side of parsonage

Franksville is where my dad pastored his first church.

This is the new church. The old one caught on fire and they razed in deep into the ground next to the parsonage and bought land about 1/2 mile away. They sold the parsonage to a couple who has kept it up and added a wrap around porch in the back.

An article from a newspaper about 60 years ago.

This grass cutter was leaning up against the house as an antique. Marcia thinks it was the one dad used to cut the lawn. Does it look 50 years old???

Here is Marcia, my brother David, and me in this disgusting pool next to the parsonage. I hated going in it.

This is the same pool today -- I was in amazement that it is still there. A little patched up but there none the less!

Here is my dad by the side of the parsonage. If you match up the windows, you can see nothing structurally has changed, except for new windows and siding.

Here's the front of the parsonage, my dad in the front after a big snowstorm.

Here's the barn. We used to jump out of the door at the top into my Uncle Bob's or dad's arms!

Me reminiscing, looking at the added deck!

This was an incredible visit. We went to a one room school house and actually found the land it used to be on -- of course it had been razed. I think I may call Franksville the razing capital! This visit left me feeling weird....I can't explain it.