Monday, June 08, 2009


That's what Callie said when they finished planting!
She had a sense of satisfaction, which comes after the hard job of planting seeds and knowing you will reap rewards from it!

Looking at a spider which both girls (Christie and Callie) hate!!

It's hard work to get the ground ready to plant seeds for a vegetable garden!
Jonathan had to take an axe to break up the ground full of tree roots.

Callie is loving this garden thing!


I am loving that my kids want to make their first garden in my yard!!

Another couple, Rachel and Jim, who are moving in with me beginning of July, have also planted a garden!
I'll post pictures of them and their garden later.


We had our final Bible Study for the year, celebrating with a Potluck Dinner at my house. We usually do this so we can use my screened in porch but being it's been a chilly spring, we didn't know if that would happen However, isn't it just like God to give you over and above your hearts desire!

The people who were able to attend, Left to Right:
Susan Skorburg, Renee Collier, Beth Wyse, Barb Wilkinson, Don Collier, Adriana Rusu, Nan Lightbody, Tim Wilkinson, Eleisu Rusu

This get together was especially sweet in spirit! Eleisu and Adriana were home from Romania and rarely get to join us. He is a Pastor and has a deep understanding of Scripture and life. As he explained, In Romania, Pastor's not only have to preach, but people come to them for all kinds of advice. Thank you Eleisu for adding so much to our time together. We will miss you!