Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OK! What a gift to have reached this milestone! I've never really been concerned with age - to me it's just a number! But now that I'm there and I've had so many people celebrate with me, I just have to share the photos.

My Son David and his wife Nickie invited me to celebrate with them in Milwaukee. It was a great time to see their new home and sight see interesting places there. Christie joined us later and they took me out to eat. Here's some photos:

Maza and Sosena took me to an Ethiopian Restaurant in Chicago, Diamond Buffet. We had a wonderful time - the food is delish and I even got treated with a "desert!" Afterward, we went to an Ethiopian Mart and got the bread they use. It was a beautiful evening and being outside in Chicago was great!

Some friends from my Sunday School Class surprised my big time! They showed up with cake, goodies, flowers, candy and gifts. They even went to Dunkin Donuts and got decaf! We had a fun time! Thank you Lord for friends!

Nancy, Pam, Sue and I have been in a "Birthday Club" for many, many years! Sue is a missionary in Africa and unless she's on furlough, she can't join us. We go to The Sandwich Shop. We never have enough time because we have to do "catch-up!"